Unleash the Cuteness

With ChibiStudio, you don't have to be an artist to make your own chibis



To choose from
  • Collaborate

    Create chibis with your friends on iMessage, both of you can add/remove/customize items

  • Create

    Create your own chibis and save them to use as stickers or share on social media

  • Be an artist

    You can customize your chibi even more by changing the item's colors

  • Always in sync

    ChibiStudio uses iCloud so your chibis are always available on all of your devices

Unlimited Possibilities

1000+ items available. Use your imagination.

Made with ChibiStudio

All chibis below have been created with ChibiStudio.

Chibis can be created with your friends on iMessage or by yourself and shared on social media.

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